Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the Bike for Bricks team:

Royal Distributing
Marin Bikes California!

Marin Bikes California has been producing high-quality mountain and road bikes for 24 years.  They are dedicated to providing the "ultimate cycling experience," which is something we're really excited about because we will be spending over 400 hours in the saddle over the next few months!  The bikes arrive next Wednesday, so we have about 10 days to break them in.

Royal Distributing is Canada's powersports leader.  Royal has what you're looking for in the ATV, snowmobile, motocross, motorcycle, and bicycle markets.  Their retail and distribution of "toys" and accessories has expanded across Ontario and distributes nationally.

The bike we're taking across Canada: the Marin Lombard
We are thrilled to officially announce these two new sponsors that will help make this trip possible.   Marin and Royal are teaming up to provide:

  • the use of 3 Marin Lombard road bikes;
  • the use of two helmet cameras to document the trip; and
  • Marin is providing some free shorts and jerseys, and Royal is helping us with discounts on much of the remaining gear, including a Garmin 800.

We are especially excited about these partnerships because of the impact it will have for the Heartwood Place.  Marin and Royal both have large, national, and dedicated customer bases that we hope to leverage into substantial support for our charity.

The guys at Royal's showroom in Guelph


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