Sunday, June 10, 2012

And the taper begins...

So we're one week out from the beginning of our journey.  Here's the latest:

Tyler and I did Linwood/Crosshill on Friday
and Floradale/Elora on Saturday.
I did Preston/Breslau on Sunday.  
- We "broke-in" our Lombards this weekend.  I would say between the three of us, we put in just over 500kms, which works out to about the average day.  To the right is a composite map of my three half-day rides this weekend.  We're taking the bikes back to the experts at Royal tomorrow for a final tune-up this week.  Check out Tyler's account of the weekend here and our guest-biker Chad's account here.

- We also got some great videos while experimenting with our Drift HD cams.  They will be posted to the facebook page as soon as they're ready.

- This week, the training winds down.  After putting in over 3,000kms for the year so far, this week we're going to take it easy, with no long rides, and also no long runs.  We have to be fresh for Sunday!

- Speaking of Sunday, come join us at our big send-off!  We are leaving from another Heartwood Place fundraiser, the Waterloo Running Series' Waterloo 10km Classic.  It is at University Stadium in Waterloo at 11am.  Join the facebook event here.  We would appreciate your support!!

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