Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 6 - The Elevation Factor

Hi everyone,

As our faithful readers know, we are often one day behind on our blogging, because when we don't have access to a computer - especially when we camp - it is quite difficult to write a quality blog at the end of the day.  I am going to start incorporating quick roadside blogs into the repertoire for next week.  But until then, we have this blog for yesterday, and another one coming for today, on our off-day tomorrow!

Ice Fill up @ McDonalds
Yesterday, we flew all day.  It can be summarized in a few quick statistics: we did 30+km/hr consistently.  Once we would get up to 30, I would push it to 33, then 35, then 38.  We made great advancements in drafting and just rocked it the whole day.  The other statistic is the climb: total elevation change of about 140m over 155km.  That is less than one metre per kilometre, or one millimetre per metre.  Immaterial, as Kyle Martin, CA (pending) calls it.  I'm sure we won't see those kinds of numbers until the prairies.

Crossing the Railroad Tracks
A few other anecdotes from throughout the day: when we woke up at our campsite in St Canut, a raccoon had stolen our lunch!  At one point late in the day, the 138 was under complete construction, so we had to cross a one-lane railway bridge and scale a gravelly ravine to avoid a 15km detour.  We ended the day at Trois-Riviers, which is actually named for the fracturing of the Saint-Maurice and Saint Lawrence rivers (only two).  We ended up in a motel, where we caught a bit of the NHL entry draft, and did some grocery shopping on pannier-less bikes. 

Pics are coming for this blog, but I'm writing on IE, and installing a new browser is not a battle I think I am going to win.  They will be up soon!  Thanks
Grocery Shopping!

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