Monday, May 28, 2012

The Swim mini fundraiser

On Friday after work a couple coworkers and I managed to convince my boss to donate money to the Heartwood Place and Bike for Bricks team to the tune of $0.10 for every length of the pool I could swim before the next set of patrons came to the facility. So, with an opportunity to raise some money and get a good workout my ridiculously in-shape coworker and I donned our bathing suits and hopped in. With my swimming partner Shannon providing motivation (which means I didn't want to let a girl beat me) we managed to pound out an incredible 200 lengths each in 1hr40min.
My legs hurt, my hands hurt, my lungs and shoulders and stomach hurt but hurt a lot less than biking across Canada!
Thanks Dave for the 20$ donation and Shannon for making me go farther than I would otherwise have gone - and also for providing me with the opportunity to tell people that I can swim 5km
For those of you interested in donating some money to the Heartwood Place please visit their website
Or contact us on facebook.


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