Tuesday, June 5, 2012

These guys are nuts!

[The first in a series of guest blogs.  This is from Lindsay, the Community Development Coordinator at Heartwood]

First off let me tell you how I met these guys, an important part of this story. I met Jordan, Kyle and Tyler just under three months ago when I began working for Heartwood Place. I came on board with Bike for Bricks in April when the project kind of fell into my lap. I was so impressed and truly thought that these guys were nuts even attempting to bike across the country. This coming from the girl who hasn't been on a bicycle in over 4 years. I communicated with them through email for a few weeks and finally met face to face. What I was expecting, I can't figure out. But who I met was three extremely kind, talented and dedicated young men who are not only committed to biking across the country for an adventure but to raise money for something they believe in.

The next two months went by in a blur and emotions ranged from depressed when we couldn't even get a local zehrs to give them a gift card for food to extreme happiness when we got two major sponsors (Marin Bikes California and Royal Distributing). My belief started off as doubtful, would these guys be able to make it 6,900 km's without planned places to sleep, no hot showers and without a support vehicle? Those doubts disappeared the more I got to know them, the more I found out about the trip and the more I realized no matter how tough it gets, these guys are going to do it. With some amazing bikes from Marin Bikes and Royal's contribution of gear and some pretty amazing Drift HD camera's to record the trip, these guys will rock it. I often joke that I am their personal assistant on this trip, I am there to complain to, to figure things out when they are busy training and working, to get them sponsors and to keep track of them as they cycle across Canada. I will be their biggest fan, supporter and I might have promised these Blue Jay Fans, a Jays Game on me when they all return home safe and sound.

To sum it up..... here are three young talented men, about to embark on a 2 month physically challenging journey that not many people will ever attempt, for a little adventure and to raise a lot of money and awareness. I can only hope my kids grow up to be as remarkable as Jordan, Kyle and Tyler are.

Help them reach their goal of $69,000! Donate here

-Lindsay MacNevin

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