Saturday, June 16, 2012

Geared Up

Tyler has identified our two biggest overall needs as "knowledge gaps" and "equipment gaps."  As of yesterday, we are finally at the point where these gaps are closed, which is handy timing...

Final tune-up 
We were back at Royal for the final time yesterday to pick up our Marin Lombards.  Our bikes were in their shop all week, getting some final TLC before the send-off tomorrow.  There were some nervous moments as our new brake calipers and pads did not appear to have arrived, but then around 5:00 the box was located, and they were able to install them on all three bikes in less than an hour.   We also have our new lights, GPS, racks, and panniers installed and ready to go.  What a gorgeous sight!

Fully loaded
Today we are tasked with:
- Experimenting with the Garmin
- Fitting all of our gear into the bags, and cutting the slack
- Acquiring a few loose ends (rain pants, cable lock)
- Coordinating a common-chequing account
- Saying goodbye to friends & family
- Getting a good night's rest

Tyler and I also have a lot of work left at our offices.  Some vacation, huh?

How are we feeling?  Anxious, excited, nervous, pumped, ready; all of the above.

Can't wait for tomorrow, rain or shine!

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