Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wind Factor

On Sunday I managed to fit a 60km cycle into my day with work and family dinner providing my rest times. The bike ride from work to my parents house typically takes me less than 55minutes; though I've done it in less than 50 in favorable conditions and once when I got the ridiculous notion to do it in January while snowing just to see how long that would take (1hr 15min). This weekend however, a strong wind was blowing directly in my face for the full 24kms south-west bike ride and there were two new experiences:
1.     After struggling to make it up a large hill I decided to give my legs a rest and coast down the other side. The wind was blowing so hard at the top that I actually lost momentum going downhill and had to commence peddling before coming to a stop
2.     A new personal worst for a very common route. 1hr 20min total which means I can bike faster in snow than I can in wind.

Also, we're picking up our Marin Bicycles tomorrow from Royal Distributing which means pictures of the gear and bikes that will go across this country will be up very soon!

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