Friday, June 15, 2012

Last ride!

Spotted at Tyler's work.  We still think he's a legend.
(Our original date of departure was the 16th).
Well, we are only two "sleeps" away from the big Send-Off.  With that comes all of the last-minute preparations.  The general consensus of attitude is a mix of nervousness, excitement, and anticipation.  Can't wait!

Wednesday evening marks my final ride of any significant distance.  My friend Catherine joined me for the Linwood-Crosshill route that I have been cycling weekly over the last months.  It is also my last stop in at Crosshill Kennels, where Pete, Peggy and the dogs are always happy to chat and help me refuel.  Thanks!

Today, we are heading back to Royal to pick up our tuned bikes, as well as some of the other equipment for the first time, including the Garmin 800 and the panniers.  We have lots of work to do this weekend.

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