Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Official Fundraising Kick-off!

Tyler, Jordan, Morty, and Kyle, at the
BBQ fundraising kick-off on June 2.
This was definitely the most exciting weekend the Bike4Bricks trip has had since it's inception. Not only have Royal Distributing and Marin Bikes California teamed up to provide us with fantastic equipment, bikes and support, but we had our first official fundraising endeavour outside of the Reporter Cafe at the Heartwood Place on Ainslie in Cambridge.

The community enjoys their hot dogs!

The day was a little overcast and rainy, but a couple well placed tents made sure that the periodic rain was of no consequence.  We took special precaution to keep the mascot Morty dry!

We are really excited to have officially started fundraising for the Heartwood Place.  To date, donations have reached $9000, or 13% of our fundraising goal.  With 14 days left until "bike-off," we know we have our work cut out for us.  You can donate securely at the Heartwood website by following this link.  The funds will be used to expand the Heartwood Place from two to three locations. 

A big thanks to Mary, Susan, Anna, and Lindsay, our tireless supporting team from Heartwood Place, the other volunteers who made the day possible, the community for participating in a great event, and to Marin and Royal for helping turn this event into a visible and well-defined event. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates.  We leave two weeks from today!

- The B4B Team