Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bikes are in! Thanks Tim!

Beautiful machines: Marin Lombard.
Tyler, Jordan and I had an exciting three hours at Royal Distributing today. The main activities included helping make a video for Royal’s facebook page, taking home the bikes we’ll use and ordering the biking equipment.

The video that was taken had the three of us talk about why we are biking across Canada, why we’re raising money for Heartwood place, and the support we’re receiving from Royal Distributing and Marin Bikes California. The video is being edited and will appear on Royal’s facebook page via YouTube. The video is part of a plan to have videos of our adventure across Canada posted to Royal’s facebook page. To capture our adventure we will use two Drift HD cameras that we’ll mount to our bikes and helmets.  

Tim making adjustments with Tyler on the bike.
Today we also got to take home the Marin Lombard bikes we will be cycling across Canada. Tim Crosby- Royal Distributing's bike expert- fitted the three of us on our bikes. The plan is to bike a few hundred km’s on the weekend to break the bikes in. We will bring the bikes back to Tim on Tuesday so he can add the racks and make other adjustments.

While we were at Royal we also discussed with Tim the biking equipment Tim will order from Royal Distributing’s supplier. Tim told us his opinion on what we should order. Since the three of us have no real biking knowledge, we agreed with everything Tim said. Equipment should be in when we bring in our bikes next Tuesday.

Lots still to do.

10 more days…

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  1. Wow, biking across Canada! Your journey seems exciting! Looking forward to more posts about your bike trip.