Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2 - The Long Haul

Hi everyone, hopefully this is going to be a quick blog post today, because believe it or not, we're pretty tired!
Leaving Amaranth.  Thanks Pauline & Family!
We started the day with a phenominal breakfast at the Lennox's.  From there, we started on an average-long ride of approximately 180kms.  The morning was filled with a number of equipment-related mishaps, including: forgotten gloves, two chain derailments, two camera mount failures, a shattered rear light, and a jammed clip.  All part of the learning, and we moved quite well. 

Arriving in Peterborough.  Thanks Val and Bryan!
Again today, we hit an early-afternoon wall, which we can trace unexclusively to the heat.  We ended the day in Peterborough, welcomed by the family of Kyle's friend Jeff: Val and Bryan Koning Keelan.  What great hosts!  We were treated to a fantastic meal, our own rooms and bathrooms, and we're watching the Jays game right now.  Tomorrow will be the first night in the tent. 

In total, the day was 167kms (which is longer than any of our individual lifetime highs!) in about 11:45.  I would estimate 8 of those hours were cycling, and up to four were breaking.  We are taking more breaks now that we expect to later in the trip, as our conditioning and efficiency improve.  That puts us approximately 20km/hr.

We haven't had a chance to do a Garmin upload, and I suspect that will have to wait until July.  Until then, there are a few things I can tell you.  Yesterday, our 69km was neatly 1% of the trip distance.  On reflection, we were very happy with our half-day on the first day, having left at 11:20am.  Today we stepped it up to 167kms, which is only slightly longer than the average day! 

One big learning experience is using the Garmin 800.  We have only been playing around with it since Saturday, and the two most notable obeservations are the speed and odometer.  For speed, all we have known pre-Garmin is our average trip speed, maybe subtracting breaks if we were diligent.  Depending on the day and the method, we made 20-30km/hr.  Now, we have the added benefit of knowing our instantaneous speeds.  We vary from 9km/hr up steep hills into wind, to 65km/hr pushing it down hills.  I would say our average moving (instantaneous) speed is around 24-26km/hr, which is obviously discounted by traffic and stop lights. [Edit: sorry, forgot the odometer.]  To this point, we had mapped exclusively in Google products, but now that we're on the ground with an actual device measuring what we're cycling, we find Google to overestimate the distance by anywhere from 5-20%.  This has saved us a little bit of time each of the first few days, as we were slowing down at the end of the day.

The best way to keep up-to-date on B4B depends on what you're looking for.  The daily recaps and the bulk of the information gets published right here on our blog.  The photo sharing and most of our fan interaction happens on our facebook page.  We added some new photo albums today: Here they go... and Photos from the roads.  And every little on-the-road update happens on Twitter - jokes, current city, maybe even some complaints.  Here's a selection from today:
 That's pretty much it for now.  Tomorrow, we will end up at a campground between here and Ottawa.  Nation's capital the next day!

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