Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: Chad

[Guest blog #2 from our good friend Chad, who joined us for a training ride on Friday]

I have been following this blog since it began and last Friday I was following Tyler and Jordan around the Woolwich/Wellesley countryside. 

I learned 3 things on this biking expedition: 
1. I hate wind,
2. I am not even close to in proper shape to bike across Canada, and 
3. My hybrid generic road bike might as well be a small tricycle compared to the Marin bikes that my fellow bikers were sporting. 

I was battling the wind all evening and losing spectacularly while my friends were faring much better. The first 25 kilometres of the trip was mostly straight into the wind and broke my spirit along with devastating my upper body as I attempted to hold myself on my bike. My active lifestyle has not prepared me for the riggers of a 50km bike ride let alone 7 weeks of approximately 150km per day rides. 

I was able to try out Tyler's Marin bike on the trip from Crosshill to St Clements and it made a considerable difference. I was able to keep pace and not fall back like I had been on the first half of the trip. Our speed did improve considerably with the wind at our backs and once I returned to my bike I fell far behind Tyler and Jordan while they raced to Wagner's Corners at 34km/hr. The trip drained me physically and mentally and I don't think I would be able complete a cross Canada trip and I tip my hat to these gentleman as they are about to embark on this monumental journey. 

Jordan did joke about inviting me to join them on their trip but I don't think I would make it as far as Quebec and would have to do the "bus home of shame". I will just have to keep my pride and continue my far less impressive lifestyle of soccer, hockey and squash games. 

Good luck guys!

[You can read Tyler's account of the day here and Jordan's here]

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