Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Update (Days 20-22)

Well, we made it!  We went as east as we could go, and now we're heading all the way back across the country to resume the cycle in Vancouver.  But first, blog housekeeping...

48 hours apart!  
I'm going to leave adventures of Days 18 and 19 for now, because we know you want to know what we're up to NOW!  So I'm going to break the chronology to keep this blog more current, and here goes!

After spending three weeks in extremely close proximity, I finally got a break from the antics of Kyle and Tyler.  While I'm back in Ontario, they have been incredibly busy this weekend in Vancouver: first, finding a bicycle shop to get the bikes serviced, second, acquiring new and replacement parts (clips!), and also connecting with friends and family.  Big thanks to old friends Tyler and Kim, and also to Tyler's family in Vancouver for their hospitality.  But that's their story, and as I'm just about to hop on a plane and join them, here's my weekend story.

In case you didn't already know the structure of our trip, we chose not to cycle "coast-to-coast" for a few reasons.  We thought it would be a cool, unique spin to the trip, and it was phenomenal having our friends and family send us off, and it will be again when we complete the trip in their presence.  But the most important reason is that my sister was married yesterday.  Obviously, this is the highlight and priority of my summer, and doing the Waterloo-east and west-Waterloo route would ensure that I could attend the wedding!

It was a whirwind in which I didn't get much a chance to do B4B stuff.  Friday I flew in from St. John's in the afternoon, and we rehearsed with family and old friends.  Saturday afternoon was the ceremony, and I MCed the reception later that night at Grey Silo.  Today we had a relaxing family brunch, and now they're off to Panama!  Jealous?  Hard to say.  Not exactly the rigor of the road, but I'm not well rested.  I doubt the guys in Vancouver are, either...

To paraphrase my talking points, Carly and Chris are an amazing couple who are incredible together, and Chris is such a coup for our family.  We're thrilled for their future and on behalf of all of the Schmidts, we couldn't be happier.  Chris was as handsome as ever, Carly looked divine, and I will get a photo up here as soon as I can!

I did manage to do the laundry and waterproof my rain gear.  I have added new equipment (Gatorade powder, gear for colder weather, and a solar panel from the happy couple - thanks!) to take with me up the Rockies.  Now I'm off to the airport to meet the guys in Vancouver.  It didn't feel like we burned three rest days, and we pedal off in about 18 hours...

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