Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roadside: Focus

This post focuses on two types of advice we have received again and again, both before the trip and during.  Thanks to everyone who has shared insights with us - you know who you are!

I'll call the first group 'what to not focus on.'

Don't count the kilometres, or the progress, or the cities, in a way that distracts and depresses.  For example, we are reasonably sure that we passed the halfway point very recently, but we don't know for sure because we don't want to be overwhelmed by the reality of having to duplicate our efforts.  We do count days, but that's because we (I) have to be back for work.  Of course we have a schedule, which we stick to, but we don't let it create any unnecessary stress.  As you know, we actually got far enough ahead of schedule to go whitewater rafting last week.  Also, don't simply focus on the end destination...

Category 2: 'what to focus on.'

...enjoy the whole experience, and all of the stops, not just looking forward to St. John's and home.  Include all of the little things - the people, scenery, the food, and the challenges.  Take it day-by-day.  We often find ourselves taking it hill-by-hill!  Example: changing tires used to be a somber occasion, but lately we have been making the best of it - we joke around a lot on Twitter, check it out!  Another way of putting this, is "the trail is never long enough."  Sooner than we know, we will be back in our regular day-to-day work and lives.  Not that we're not eager or excited about coming home, but we only have three weeks left on the road, and we are likely to lament it's too-quick passing once it's done.  I guess the difference between this and a vacation is that because this is so much work, it can at times take a specific effort to ensure we are taking the right perspective. 

Kind of cliche, but we hear these comments everywhere we go.  Must be relevant!  And we stay focused. 

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