Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 23 - The Calm

The race is on, again.

For Leg 1, we were all about getting to St. John's to catch a flight to get me to the wedding. Mission accomplished. Leg 2 has several watershed moments: the first is the first week.

We need to go 1,000kms in seven days to get our bikes serviced in Calgary. Our sponsors Marin, Royal Distributing and Drift are coming through HUGE to make sure we stay in top shape and function at this stage of the trip. Marin's shop in Calgary is so busy that we need to keep our schedule closely to take advantage of their help. 150kms per day isn't long, but the elevation is a new, unknown factor.

White Rock: The furthest West we went
So today, we set off on the first day of our second leg. And we rocked it. We overcame Monday sluggishness, THREE flat tires, a train, and the new GPS quirks to keep our goal of Hope (150kms). The day started on the beach in White Rock, the farthest west we would go - thanks Paul! We then tried the Trans Canada, but the bike lane ended quickly, so we were relegated to less direct back roads. We had some more McDonald's smoothies in Chilliwack. The biggest thanks of the day goes to David, a dairy farmer near Chilliwack. He helped us patch and pump tires when we got the third flat of the day. Can't thank enough!!

Setting up camp on the banks of the Fraser Rive in Hope, BC
Despite all of the adverse factors, we had a very successful day of biking in the Fraser River valley. Not much of a climb (600m), but we can see the mountains, and we know we're in for a big day tomorrow on way to Merritt!

Another interesting dynamic of the trip is our upcoming photo shoot with Holeshot. Tomorrow, Doug flying out to meet up with us in the Rockies on Wednesday. Furthermore, what the guys don't know is that Lindsay is coming too! She has been our MVP for the trip, and it will be a nice surprise for the guys. Can't wait!

 And so we're in a tent on the banks of the Fraser River in Hope, surrounded my majestic mountains. 
Tomorrow, we climb.


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