Monday, July 30, 2012

July 28- Bike to the Drake's in Ignace

We woke from our campsite located about 40 km west of Dryden. The night before we have been awaken a few times by the trains. The train track was located a few hundred meters from our tent.

The weather was sunny with a slight tail wind. Nice biking weather. We left shortly after 9 am from the campsite.

The bike ride to Dryden was uneventful until Jordan had a flat in his back tire. A staple had punctured his tire. With Tyler and I watching Jordan changed the tire. I was glad it wasn't me changing the tire. I had done enough of this in BC and Alberta. After Jordan changed the tire we biked a few hundred meters to an auto repair shop to get Jordan's back tire up to proper pressure.

Once in Dryden we biked to a grocery store and had lunch there once we had bought groceries. While eating lunch we realized we'd likely be stopping in Ignace. Ignace is about 100 km east of Dryden. I knew the Drake family in Ignace. The Drake's where family friends and had lived about 5 km's from my family's house until they moved to Northern Ontario about 6 years ago.

I phoned the Drake's with a phone number my mom had given me.  Just like that, we had a place to stay.  What a fortuitous revision to our plans!

Thanks SO much to the entire family!!
The bike ride to Ignace consisted of rolling hills for 100km. There wasn't really any place to fill up water and we were low on water when we arrived in Ignace.

The Drake family consists of the parents- Beth and Keith and children- Craig, Carmen, Amy and Sam. Craig still lives in Southern Ontario. Keith on the day we visited was in Southern Ontario. The rest of the family was in Igance and they treated us extraordinarily well.

Beth made us supper and did our laundry. She also patched a few holes in Tyler's bike shorts. Sam and Carmen walked us to the closest lake to take a quick dip. The evening ended with playing cards in the kitchen. It was nice to have some down time after the previous nights of arriving at a campsite at or near dark.

On the day we biked about 140 km.


  1. Yeah that was one of the most fortunate coincidences of the whole trip! A complete fluke of the timing and circumstances of Kyle looking at a paper map with Ignace. Thanks again!!