Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mental Milestone

Kyle fixing his alignment in Paris.
Kyle and I took advantage of some gorgeous weather on Saturday to do our longest ride of the season.  We took the Paris-Cambridge trail to Paris, then home through Ayr and  Heidelberg (map).  In total, it was 155km for me, and slightly less for Kyle.  We did get split up in New Dundee when Kyle got a flat and hitchhiked into Kitchener to upgrade his tires.   Kyle also took a spill near Paris, but was able to realign his own wheels.

I call this a major mental milestone because it is my first ride that is longer than our daily average mileage for the trip.  It is very relieving to know that we can do that distance with relatively little soreness or fatigue.  I did a quick 35kms today and I still feel pretty good.  I know that the repeated 100+km days will take a toll, but at this point in time I'm feeling great about our training and capabilities.

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