Sunday, May 6, 2012

Could you host us for a night?

We're starting to put together a rough itinerary. If you or someone you know lives close to any of the cities listed below we'd love to stay at your place for the night. We'd be really good guests, we promise!

Montreal: June 22
Quebec City: June 23/34
Fredericton: June 28
Moncton: June 29
St. John's: July 5
Vancouver: July 8/9
Canmore: July 14
Calgary: July 15/16
Medicine Hat: July 18
Regina: July 21
Winnipeg: July 25
Thunder Bay: July 30
Owen Sound: August 6
The dates may change by a few days as we fine tune the schedule.
Click this link for a rough schedule of our trip. If you live in a small town maybe you'll be close by.

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