Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kyle's training update

The last week I tested myself with a few longer bike rides.

On Tuesday, May 1st I biked around 85 km (Winterburne, Kitchener, Elmira, Elora and Winterburne).

Saturday, May 5th I biked just over 100 km. See link below for the rough route.

Biked just over 50 km today. I was planning on doing more, but I got tired...

We're estimating we'll need to average 150 km per day to get across Canada in under two months so I still have some work to do to get myself in biking across Canada shape.

Checked my back tire this Monday morning. The back tire was flat. Apparently my bike tire was tired too!


  1. That's funny because I did nearly all of those roads this weekend...Waterloo, Erbsville, Bamberg, Crosshill, Linwood, Hawkesville, St. Jaoobs, Conestogo, West Montrose, Winterbourne, Bloomingdale, Bridgeport, Breslau, and Cambridge. We need to cycle together this weekend!