Friday, April 27, 2012

Training Update

I did not miss this sight!
A couple of quick Friday training notes:

I cycled indoors for the first time in months on Tuesday, after a couple of days without cycling.  I love to run in the snow/cold, but I do not think it is safe on a bicycle, where I live, especially with the winds.

I'll be back.
However, I did manage to take advantage of great weather on Wednesday to do some big hills. I had done Hawkesville-Erbsville last weekend, but this was my first time cycling on the Ament Line between Hawkesville and Linwood.  That was insane!  Heading into west directly into gusts of 35km/h winds, I was not able to ascend the entire major hill without stopping, either time I tried.

Stay tuned.  We will have some big sponsorship and donation news in the coming week!


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