Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ring in Spring

What a great way to start the new season. Huge week for me personally and the Bike for Bricks team. We have now purchased the bikes that will carry us across this massive country. The purchase was prompted by this amazing weather and I have since made good use of the bike and put 88kms on it in the first 24hrs post-purchase, and wow, bicycling outside in the sunshine with a real breeze is ten times better than the air-conditioned atmosphere of the gym. The 88kms equates to just over 1% of the total trip; a daunting thought when I consider the pain between my legs and how I'll cope with that over a 50 day span on the road without rest or reprieve. However, there are high points. The Fuji Touring bike I have purchased and ridden is completely different than the mountain bikes that I'm familiar with but I'm slowly learning through practical application (riding!) and haven't opened the owner's manual yet!
I have been riding from my house to my parents house and back for a 44km ride, with a great break for lunch with my mom or dad before heading back to my house. It's been great and taking advantage of this uncanny weather has left me feeling satisfied everyday. Some more good news - on my first day on the unfamiliar bike the 44km ride took 108minutes. On the second day I managed to cut that time down to 104minutes! A little know-how can go along way apparently.
That's it for now. Many more thoughts on riding, bikes, fundraising, general progress and life to come!

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