Friday, March 16, 2012

3 Months from Today...

Hi everyone,

The date today is March 16...exactly three months from our departure date of June 16. Kind of a wake-up call, because there is still so much to do before then. The main items we have to prepare are:

  • Administrative - an online donation system, a publicity campaign to drive donations, continue to find sponsors, and formalize time-off work!

  • Practical - continue to build our mileage, finalize our route, acquire two more bicycles, buy any remaining equipment, and arrange transportation (from North Sydney to Port aux Basques, and from St. John's to Vancouver)
That being said, we are very excited about the trip, for obvious reasons!

This is also a good opportunity to outline the blog: we are going to be tagging our posts, so far with training, logistics, and Heartwood labels for related posts. (More labels will added as necessary.) We also have mobile blogging set up, so that we can contribute from the road in June/July.

We are also working on a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, which we will roll out once we have the online donations in place.


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