Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reflection and Part 1: Stats

At this precise moment six months ago, we were probably cycling near Arthur, eager with the anticipation of finishing the journey, as well as who was waiting for us in Waterloo.

Six months, but who is counting?

Back in August, I had posted a good summary of the trip, and promised to share more, soon.  Well, life got in the way, and I dropped the project.  But I'm back on it now with new enthusiasm.

Part of the goal of this blog is to create a useful source of information for future Canada cyclists, just as we were incredibly benefited by the work and documentation of several bloggers before us [Bike for Mike].  With that being said, I am planning to release five more posts to complete the definitive record of the B4B project:
  1. The stats (below)
  2. The map
  3. The equipment list
  4. A photo album
  5. A qualitative reflection

Part 1: The Stats
There are just too many stats to share effectively, so I have summarized in one pivot table and two good graphs.  First, the table showing all major stats, by day.  [Open in a new tab]

Next is a distance graph.  This shows our daily distance (left axis), as well as the cumulative distance (right axis).  It shows the daily fluctuation and rest days. [Open in a new tab]

Last is a climb graph.  Again, it shows daily climb (m, right axis), and cumulative climb (left axis).  It is essentially a cross-section map of Canada's mountains, starting in the middle: Ontario, Appalachians, Newfoundland, Cascades, Rockies, Ontario.  Neat!  [Open in a new tab]

More, later!

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