Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Bike For Bricks has arrived home!

After 52 days on the roads and shoulders of every Canadian province, we completed a 6811 kilometre route from Vancouver to St. John's, starting and ending in Waterloo.

The trip may be over, but the Bike For Bricks is still going.  Here's what is coming over the next few weeks:

- We have currently raised 80% of our fundraising goal, and we're hoping that goes up...  If you haven't recently, check out the Heartwood Place's work and stories, and share it with your friends!  It's really, really easy to make an online donation.

- There is a lot more coming to this blog: we've got a final wrap-up, reflections from all of us, lots of stats and maps, more photos and videos, and a blog from Cape Breton and Newfoundland that still hasn't been written!

- Mark your calendars for Saturday August 25th in the afternoon.  We're going to get together for a post-cycle celebration, and we would love to see you there!  More details to come.

We're glad to be home and sleeping in familiar beds.  We are relived from many stresses, and are proud of the accomplishment.  But more of all, we are incredibly thankful to everybody....we had great family support, great sponsors, and great online encouragement.  Every time you clicked on a blog, liked a post, or retweeted us, we noticed.  And then we got back on the bike!